Rug Doctor Mighty Pro MP-C2D Carpet Cleaner Review

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The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro MP-C2D Carpet Cleaner is the same high performance carpet cleaner you rent from your local retailer. It has the power to deep clean your carpets and stairs along with many other uses. It comes with an Upholstery Kit that expands the capabilities of the machine. It has two separate reservoirs that keep the water/cleaner separate from soiled water in the recovery tank. It is constructed of a very rugged and virtually unbreakable material and yet it isn’t outrageously heavy to move around.

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Now you can own one of these commercial grade carpet cleaners for your house. It is powerful enough to deep clean even the toughest stains out of most carpets. It has a vibrating head that moves the brush back and forth to ensure every fiber is cleaned. This action lifts and fluffs the nap of the carpet to leave your carpet refreshed and looking good.

Rug Doctor MP-C2D Features

  • Commercial grade high performance carpet cleaner
  • Comes with 12 foot long hose and hand tool attachments
  • Allows you clean tight spaces, stairs, boats, cars and RV’s
  • Upholstery kit insures powerful suction equal to the machine’s intake
  • 3.1 gallon recovery tank and 2.6 gallon solution tank
  • Made of impact-resistant, heavy-gauge, virtually indestructible material
  • Vibrating brush with back & forth motion

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The Mighty Pro MP-C2D has two completely separate reservoir tanks that keep the water and cleaning solution mixture separate from the soiled water that is stored in the recovery tank. To ensure that the recovery tank holds all of the soiled water, it has a capacity of 3.1 gallons of liquid (versus 2.6 gallons for the water/cleaner tank).

Rug Doctor added a secret weapon to the arsenal of its Mighty Pro line of carpet cleaners and it dramatically expanded its uses beyond just cleaning your carpets. By adding a 12-foot flexible hose and hand tool attachment to the system you can now use it on stairs, boats, automobiles and even RV’s. The design of the suction system means that you do lose any of the suction power when you have the hose attachment connected.

It is really easy to operate the Rug Doctor, you fill the water tank with a little over 2 an half gallons of warm water and measure the amount of Rug Doctor cleaning solution (it comes with an initial supply of cleaner) as indicated on the bottle and pour it directly into the water tank. Put the tank back into the machine and you are ready clean your carpets.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Review

The overwhelming opinions of the reviewers for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaner are very positive. One reviewer recommended that if you use the Rug Doctor right having your carpets professionally cleaned you would be surprised how much soap will remain behind and the Rug Doctor will get it out. Another reviewer raved about how well it cleaned up after a variety of pet and baby messes. Several reviewers were really impressed with the overall construction of the machine. Click here to read more reviews.

I was only able to find a few negative comments posted about the Rug Doctor and it would appear that they were either unhappy with the value of the machine (very pricey as compared with the result) or unreasonable expectations. After all, it received an average of 4.2 stars from the 20 reviews posted on

Based on online user reviews for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro MP-C2D Carpet Cleaner, I would have to recommend it to everyone looking for a carpet cleaner for their home. Click here to check it out.

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